SIRAS Firmware Update 1.16.65 Release

Teledyne FLIR has compiled a new firmware update that maximizes performance and improves the safety of SIRAS. Keeping SIRAS updated with the latest firmware will enhance flight stability, navigation, and user experience. We do not recommend utilizing an earlier firmware version as this will affect the product's performance.

The standard firmware update procedure is straightforward and should take only a few minutes to complete. The firmware improvements include:

  • Enabling Remote ID using existing hardware in SIRAS
  • Prevent inadvertent operation in Attitude mode by asking for confirmation before taking off or switching to Attitude mode during the flight
  • Prevent takeoff with only one operational battery



For detailed steps on updating your drone firmware, please read the SIRAS 1.16.65 release notes and the SIRAS User Manual before installing the update.

You can update the firmware by downloading the 1.16.65 release from the SIRAS support site

The SIRAS USER Manual, Quick Start Guide, and Battery Safety Guide can be found at or call 877-299-1075 for further assistance.



If you haven’t already, please register your SIRAS today! Activate your warranty and stay up to date with all the latest firmware releases and news updates. Visit FLIR Cust Help to register!

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