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Great technology comes from great components

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Expand your line with lightweight and versatile camera modules

FLIR's thermal camera cores are designed for easy and efficient integration into higher-level assemblies and platforms. Ideal for OEM applications, integrate compact reliable lightweight core modules into systems that you can manufacture and sell under your own brand.

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Neutrino Family

The performance series includes two new models: the FLIR Neutrino QX and Neutrino SX12. Ranging from 1.3 to >3.1 megapixels, this series includes the highest resolution MWIR camera from FLIR. The new compact and lightweight Neutrino LC, with its high operating temperature (HOT) focal plane array, sets the standard for SWaP+C.

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Smarter Cars, Safer Roads

Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) will revolutionize travel and transport while improving safety. Thermal cameras, along with other sensors, will be used to quickly detect and classify hazards in the road, increasing safety for passengers and pedestrians. As a leading OEM to Tier 1 automotive suppliers for 10+ years, FLIR has the reputation of delivering high performance, reliable night vision systems for pedestrian and animal detection. Developed with this expertise, the new FLIR ADK™ is a low cost, easy to install development kit that can be used to quickly demonstrate the for strength of thermal sensors for use in autonomous driving.


Thermal Vision for ADAS and AV Developers

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Pan and tilt like a virtuoso

Explore FLIR’s complete line of high-performance pan and tilt devices for real-time and computer-controlled positioning of virtually any payload. Adaptable enough for thermal cameras, video cameras, IP cameras, laser rangefinders, and microwave antennas.


Pan/Tilt for top-mounted Payloads up to 5 lbs

Thermal camera cores from FLIR open up a world of innovation, allowing you to create market-changing products and giving your customers the power to see the invisible.

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Teledyne FLIR Conservation Discount Program

Teledyne FLIR strives to bridge our innovative solutions with environmental efforts to make our world a better and safer place. Share your conservation work and technology needs for consideration to receive a 30% discount on select thermal, visible and maritime products.





An off-the-shelf solution for demanding vision system applications

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Laser Systems

Work with high-quality laser optical components for high-powered performance

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Packaged Sensors

DDCAs and sensor assembly packages for mid-format InGaAs FPAs

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